Chevy F550 / Hackney - Special Operations 15

Support Unit for High Angle Confine Space Rescue and Surface/Swift Water Rescue Emergencies.

Unit carries both Surface and Swift Water Gear, De-watering equipment and additional High Angle Confine Space Rescue Equipment.

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Recent Calls

  • Tue Jun, 18 2019 @ 00:12

    Nature: Traffic Collision - High Mechanism

    Location: Christiana

    Address: Rte 1 South and Christiana Byp Offramp

    City: , DE

  • Mon Jun, 17 2019 @ 22:46

    Nature: Medical Emergency

  • Mon Jun, 17 2019 @ 18:05

    Nature: Traffic Collision w/Injuries

    Location: Christiana

    Address: Christiana Byp and South Old Baltimore Pike

    City: , DE

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