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MVC with Entrapment - M29D4
Tuesday, May 5, 2015

At 17:20 hours while both were waiting at the traffic light at Wrangle Hill Road and River Road, Assistant Chiefs Brett Neel [158-B] and Brian Reeder [158-C] witnessed a motor vehicle accident which resulted in a rollover with a subject trapped.  

Assistant Chief Neel took Delaware City Command, advised of the entrapment and 4 other injuries in another vehicle.  C-15, B-15 and Rescue 15 along with Chief Rosseel made the response.  The one subject trapped was in a US Mail Carrier vehicle.  Crew from Rescue 15 [Captain Hall] worked to extricate the patient.  Medic 6C, Medic 5C and Trooper 4 responded also.  Additional BLS from Christiana A-12, B-12, Good Will A-18 were dispatched.

Command advised that extrication was complete at 17:36 hours.  C-15 / Medic 6C and Trooper 4 eah transported 1 trauma alert to CER.  B-15 transported to AI Dupont.  Command placed the scene under control at 17:49 hours.

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