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Delaware City Fire Co.
815 5th Street
P.O. Box 251
Delaware City, DE 19706

Phone: 302-834-9336
Fax: 302-836-9126


1968 Robert C. Janiszewski, Sr. 1969 Charles Neel
1970 William C. Poppe, Sr. 1971 Charles Neel
1972 Charles Neel 1973 James F. Rosseel
1974 William C. Poppe, Sr. 1975 Herbert W. Netsch, Jr.
1976 Herbert W. Netsch, Jr. 1977 Herbert W. Netsch, Jr.
1978 Herbert W. Netsch, Jr. 1979 Herbert W. Netsch, Jr.
1980 Herbert W. Netsch, Jr. 1981 Andrew Lancaster
1982 James F. Rosseel 1983 Ander R. Breeding
1984 Ander R. Breeding 1985 Ander R. Breeding
1986 Ander R. Breeding 1987 Charles Neel
1988 Robert C. Costango, Sr. 1989 Waldemar W. Poppe, Jr.
1990 Dennis Havens 1991 Stephen M. Bennett
1992 Stephen M. Bennett 1993 James D. Rosseel
1994 James D. Rosseel 1995 James D. Rosseel
1996 Paul H. Johnson, Sr. 1997 Paul H. Johnson, Sr.
1998 Paul H. Johnson, Sr. 1999 Paul H. Johnson, Sr.
2000 Schuyler E. Jones 2001 Schuyler E. Jones
2002 John R. Finnegan, Jr. 2004 John R. Finnegan, Jr.
2005 John R. Finnegan, Jr. 2006 John R. Finnegan, Jr.
2007 John R. Finnegan, Jr. 2008 John R. Finnegan, Jr.
2009 John R. Finnegan, Jr. 2010 Michael Miklus, IV
2011 Michael Miklus, IV 2012 Michael Miklus, IV
2013 Paul H. Johnson, Sr. 2014 Waldemar W. Poppe, Jr.
2015 Waldemar W. Poppe, Jr. 2016 Waldemar W. Poppe, Jr.
2017 Brian C. Reeder

In an emergency, firefighters must often gain access to your secure building or home in a timely manor. The KNOX-BOX® from the Knox Company is a system to provide the fire department access while eliminating damage.
Sat Oct, 21 2017 @ 18:52
Gas Leak (Natural and LP Gases)
Fox Run Apartments
721 Woodchuck Place Bear, DE 19701
Sat Oct, 21 2017 @ 17:15
Medical Emergency
Delaware City
Sat Oct, 21 2017 @ 14:16
Medical Emergency
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