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Ship runs aground in C&D Canal - C&D Canal in area of William V. Roth Bridge
Monday, September 29, 2008

At 22:06 hours, Station 15, Marine Units 18 and 29 were dispatched for Tanker Ship run aground in the C&D Canal in the area of the William V. Roth Bridge. At 22:10 hours Special Ops 15 responded, followed by Deputy 15 (Finnegan) and B-15 at 22:12 hours. Rescue 15 responded at 22:13 hours. The Canal Dispatcher advised that the ship was 658 feet long and 106 feet wide, named the Tuckov Bridge was having some steering problems and ran aground on the rocks on the side of the canal. Both DSP and Fish and Wildlife were notified. The Canal Dispatcher also advised that they had notified the USCG. 15 Marine 1 responded at 22:15 hours. Rescue 15 and Deputy 15 arrived on the canal banks at 22:21 hours with Deputy 15 assuming command. 29 Marine 1 responded at 22:21 hours. Command reduced the assignment to 15 Marine 1 and 29 Marine 1 to monitor the ship from the water, returning all other units. Command turned the scene over to Fish and Wildlife at 23:11 hours with all units clearing the scene. The ship was awaiting the arrival of 2 tugs to move the ship to an anchorage of Reedy Island. The ship carrying 195,000 gallons of fuel oil heading to Baltimore. The ship, a Liberian flagged ship is managed by Unicom Management Services. Responding units: Deputy 15, Rescue 15, Special Ops 15, 15 Marine 1, B-15, U-29, 29 Marine 1, MRU-18, 18 Marine 1, DSP, Fish & Wildlife and USCG. A total of 20 members responded.

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