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Residential Fire - 300 Block Washington Street - 69D6
Thursday, October 17, 2013

At 21:52 hours, station 15, engine / rescue 29, engine 6 for a Residential Fire in the 300 Block Washington Street.  Deputy Chief Paul Johnson arrived on scene at 21:56 hours with a 3 story residential, fire showing, bravo side of the residence.  Stations 4/24 were dispatched for the RIT.

15-7 with Lieutenant Hall and a crew of 4 responded at at 21:56 hours and arrived at Side A then advancing a hose line to the front of the building.  Rescue 15 with Assistant Chief Poppe and a crew of 6 responded at 21:58 hours arriving at side C and advancing a hose line to the rear of the building to the 2nd floor.  2nd crew from Rescue 15 stretched another line to the rear.

Engine 6-6 arrived on scene at 22:00 hours and assisted 15-7 with another line to the front of the building and advancing a 2nd hose line to protect the exposure B.  Engine 15-5 with Captain Kiger and a crew of 3 responded and assisted Rescue 15 at the C side of the building.

Command requested a working alarm assignment at 22:06 due to the fire spreading to the 3rd floor side A and 2nd floor side C.  The working alarm assignment brought Ladder 18 and Engine 32.  Ladder 18 already responding, arrived on scene at 22:08 hours on side A assisting with roof operations.  

Engine 15-4 responded at 22:10 hours with Firefighter Mike Miklus as officer with a crew of 3.  Command advised at 22:10 hours that the primary and secondary searches were negative.  The crew from 15-4 assisted with fire suppression efforts throughout the building.  Rescue 24 arrived on scene at 22:15 and stood by as the RIT.  FM-29 [Hedrick] arrived on scene at 22:16 hours.   

29-6 arrived and assisted with fire suppression efforts with the crews from 15-7 and 6-6.  Engine 32-4 arrived at 22:20 hours and advanced a hose line on the D side of the structure to 1st floor apartment.  Command completed a PAR check at 22:30 hours.  A-15 evaluated 2 of the occupants and they both refused service.  Command also updated the Fireboard advising the building was separated into 3 apartments.  Side A was 3 story, Side D was a 1st floor apartment and Side C was a 2nd floor apartment.

Command placed the scene under control at 23:59 hours holding all units.  Remaining units checked for hot spots and overhaul until being released by Command.  Command requested the Red Cross to repsond for 6 adults and 2 children.  A-15 and Medic 6B evaluated and transported 1 firefighter to CER.  A-1 and the other half of Medic 6B transported 1 occupant of the building to CER for evaluation.

Command started releasing units at 01:00 hours with the last unit clearing at 02:02 hours.

Responding Units: Deputy 15, 15-7, Rescue 15, Engine 15-5, Engine 15-4, A-15, Utility 15, 15-9, 15-9B, 15-9C, 15-9D, 15-9E, Rescue Engine 28-6, Rescue Engine 6-6, Rescue Engine 12-6, Rescue 24, Ladder 18, Engine 32-4, Engine 20-5, A-1, A-6, Medic 6B, ALS26, ALS29, ALS16, DCPD.

Engine 1-6 covered Station 15. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted or allowed us to use the photos.

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