Chevy C5500 / Hackney - Special Operations 15

Special Operations 15 is a Support Unit for the New Castle County High Angle, Confine Space Rescue and Surface/Swift Water Rescue Teams. Rescue Technicians respond with Spec Ops 15 throughout New Castle County as well as calls for mutual aid from around the region. Special Ops 15 carries both Surface and Swift Water Gear, De-watering equipment and additional High Angle and Confine Space Rescue Equipment.

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Recent Calls

  • Fri May, 14 2021 @ 23:46

    Nature: Medical Emergency

  • Fri May, 14 2021 @ 17:41

    Nature: Traffic Collision

    Address: Rte 1 South and Wrangle Hill Rd Offramp

    City: ,

  • Fri May, 14 2021 @ 17:56

    Nature: Fire

    Location: Summit Bridge - C & D Canal - South Of Summit Bridge

    Address: 3799 Summit Bridge Rd

    City: ,

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