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MVC w/ "reported" Entrapment - M29D4 - S. Dupont Highway and Red Lion Road
Monday, June 30, 2008

At 11:13 hours Station 15, A-3, A-29 and Medic 7A were dispatched for a Motor Vehicle Crash with Entrapment (M29D4) at S. DuPont Highway and Red Lion Road. ALS-17 (Allston) and Medic 7A responded at 11:13 hours. Rescue 15 responded with a short crew (3) at 11:15 hours. A-3 responded at 11:16 hours and A-29 responded 11:17 hours. (Both of Station 15 ambulances were committed from the earlier MVC on St. Georges Bridge ALS-17 along with Firefighter Brandon Speakman arrived on scene at 11:21 hours and ALS-17 advised negative entrapment. Medic 7A and Rescue 15 arrived on scene at 11:23 hours. A-3 arrived at 11:24 hours. A-15 cleared CER at 11:27 hours and responded to the MVC. ALS-17 advised the Communications Center at 11:35 hours of 4 total patients with 1 being a Pediatric ALS, 1 pediatric BLS and 2 Adult BLS. A-15 arrived on scene at 11:32 hours. A-29 transported 1 Adult BLS to CER at 11:41 hours and A-3 transported the 1 ALS Pediatric along with the other 2 patients. Command placed the scene under control at 11:47 hours. A-15 cleared the scene at 11:48 hours followed by Rescue 15. A total of 11 members responded. Units responding: A-15, Rescue 15, 15-9, 15-9A, A-3, A-29, Medic 7A, ALS-17, DelDot and DSP.

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